Classic sandbox game, an open-ended game of block building that bears an uncanny resemblance to lego.

2010_ninokuni_1Ni No Kuni: Lair Of The White Witch

Lavish RPG set to a storyline and visual style from legendary animators at Studio Ghibli

2012_markoftheninja_1Mark Of The Ninja

Action game with strong stealth elements and compelling visual style

1999_codenameeagle_1Codename Eagle

Patchy predecessor to Battlefield – the barely working multiplayer formed the blueprint for Dice’s long-running series.

1989_nectaris_1Nectaris (AKA Military Madness)

Hex-based futuristic wargame, a pioneering strategy title for home consoles.


Cult classic RPG, a wacky science fiction adventure with a mish-mash of eclectic experiences..

2010_artstylelighttrax_1Art Style: Light Trax

Based on earlier game Bit:Generations Dotstream (2006), this is a bizarre minimalist retro-aesthetic line-racing game.

2005_battalionwarsBattalion Wars

A sequel of sorts to Advance Wars, tackling the difficulties of a real-time strategy game on consoles with a colourful action-heavy approach.

1991_battleisle_1Battle Isle

Hex-based strategy wargaming, with appealing graphics that attracted the genre to a broader audience.


Pioneering arcade game, a 3D-geometry tank simulator, also used as a VR trainer by the American Army. Arguably the first first-person-shooter?